Abtracer™ system is a next generation drug discovery technology combining the phage display technique and NGS-analysis of antibody DNA sequences using machine learning algorithm.

We provide a groundbreaking new service that enables pharmaceutical companies who are developing new antibody drugs to identify antibody candidates 30x faster and with 10x greater probability of identifying the lead antibody for the next blockbuster drug. By using Abtracer, our clients can maximize the potential of their current antibody libraries and screening methods.
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    Phage display library

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    Panning against antigen

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    Antibody coding DNA sequencing

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    Antibody big data analysis

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  • Next generation antibody discovery platform powered by machine learning algorithm

    In the process of phage display method for antibody discovery, there always is a potential risk of loosing antibody candidates due to the bacterial amplification bias. This bias leads to the problem that the resulting candidates of phage display method may not be the best candidates that could been chosen form the original phage library. Abtracer solves this problem by analyzing sequence data from single selection.

  • Increase the probability to identify a novel drug

    Capable to identify a large variety of antibodies
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  • Shorten the time required for drug screening

    Narrow down antibody with just one round of selection

Benefits for clients


    Capable to identify a large variety of antibodies


    Narrow down antibody with just 1 roundof panning


    Boost the potential of client’s library to the maximum


Screening engine

Setup highly secure independent custom screening engine for each client's project combining huge antibody sequence database and our proprietary machine learning algorithms