Onsite drug discovery automation system

Haive is an innovative upgrade on modern technology working towards discovering new drugs. It comprises of inter-connected modules that perform their own function but work together to achieve higher accuracy and reliability, requires minimal human operation and is easier for editing and executing experimental protocols.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Modular robotics:
Each module has unique function and cooperative operation

Manage and control through web app

Anyone can control the machine remotely from anywhere on anytime.


Milestones in technology

Fully automated experiment with low-cost, More scalable (Wide range of functions which can meet the specifications for any researchers), Simplified user interface that can controlled from any kind of devices (No specialist training required)
  • Name
  • For eradicating all known diseases

    This is an exciting time for curing incurable diseases. Technology is always improving to help fight deadly afflictions that have plagued mankind for too long. However this fully-automated technology can be too expensive, less flexible and with a highly complicated interface.

    Our product will overcome these problems by being more affordable, more intuitive and designed with a simplistic interface that can be used without specialist training. These factors will help us to achieve our ultimate goal of eradicating all known diseases.

Revolutionize the drug discovery