Takeshi Fukuhara, Ph.D

Laboratory of oncology, Department of Life Sciences, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. Assistant professor

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Molcure is a biopharmaceutical company whose passionate associates are dedicated to the discovery of antibody drugs and improving the lives of patients.

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Abtracer is a patent pending, rapid antibody engineering system which combines the Phage Display technique and next generation sequencing. We can design antibody DNA sequences with high-affinity and high-specificity by modifying the conventional framework and using a machine learning algorithm to analyze sequencing data.

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About Us

Corporate NameMolcure Inc
Head Office 1-12-11 Taito, Taito, Tokyo 110-0016 JAPAN
FoundedMay, 2013
RepresentativeRyu Ogawa
ExecutivesYutaro Kyono, Yoichiro Hara, Eli Lyons


Automating phage display protocols


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Ryu Ogawa

CEO, Co-founder

He is teaching “Molecular biology” and “Genome analysis programming” at Keio University. His major is Bioinformatics.

Yutaro Kyono

CTO, Co-founder

After graduated from Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, now he is a master student of Keio university, and his major is ubiquitous computing.

Kohei Tsumoto, Ph.D

Medical Proteomics Laboratory, Department of Medical Genome Sciences, The University of Tokyo. Professor

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Phage Display Library


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Head Office

1-12-11 Taito, Taito, Tokyo 110-0016


about SmartLabModule

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  • abtracer


Rapid Antibody Engineering System

Abtracer is a patent-pending advanced method combining the phage display technique and next generation sequencing. By using the Display-seq (DP-Seq) method and advanced bioinformatics techniques, our innovative antibody discovery service can comprehensively acquire a high affinity and specific antibody sequence.

Yuji Ito, Ph.D

Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University. Professor

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Antigen or Cell panning

Eli Lyons


Ph.D. candidate in the Dept. of Medical Genome Sciences, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at Univ. of Tokyo.

Yoichiro Hara

COO, Co-founder

He majored in developmental biology at Meiji University. Also he has founded two company before Molcure.

Stephen Turner, Ph.D

CTO & Fouder at Pacific Biosciences of California, inc.

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Antibody DNA sequencing

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Automating phage display protocols

The SmartLabModule™(SLM) can decrease the cost of each experiment while simultaneously increasing the through-put. Web-based software, SLM Conductor, wirelessly controls all SLMs, scheduling tasks and managing experimental flow.

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Antibody Big Data Analysis

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Faster & Better than conventional method

Tao Yamamoto

CEO & Founder at Synclogue K.K.

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Value for drug discovery

Potential merits created by increase of lead antibody variation.


  • Drug Efficacy
  • Stability
  • Producibility
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Service plan

Offer for pharmaceutical companies and researchers

Rapid design of high quality and high diversity lead antibody candidates


about Abtracer

Molcure represents high quality antibody and target discovery. With cutting edge technology in-house, Molcure is the partner of choice for therapeutic antibody discovery. At Molcure we combine a deep knowledge of NGS, bioinformatics and antibody biology with automated discovery system. The antibody discovery platform Abtracer delivers superior functional antibodies. Our technology is validated through a number of partnerships. We are seeking new partnership opportunities.


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