Molecule for a Cure

Our passionate associates are dedicated to the discovery of biopharmaceutical drugs and improving the lives of patients.

Drug Discovery Intelligence

Maximizing drug viability, minimizing drop rate and enabling therapeutic biomolecules to enter the market quicker. With biomolecule discovery and an engineering platform, we provide the best drugs for patients in the quickest time.

Molcure represents high quality antibody discovery. At Molcure we combine a deep knowledge of NGS, bioinformatics and antibody biology with automated discovery system. The antibody discovery platform Abtracer delivers superior functional antibodies.
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  • Capable to identify antibodies which conventional methods can never discover

    In the process of phage display method for antibody discovery, there always is a potential risk of losing antibody candidates due to the bacterial amplification bias. Abtracer solves this problem with combining next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) with artificial intelligence technique. Great benefit that you can earn by using Abtracer is finding the antibody candidates which conventional methods could never discover in the library.

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  • Opportunity

    Cost pressures and new pay-for-performance payer approaches are making demonstration of real-world outcomes as essential to the drug research and development (R&D) model as initial, premarket evidence. Tied to this trend R&D organizations have an opportunity to improve productivity using big data and analytical capabilities.

  • Solution for discovery projects

    High-end drug candidate screening

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  • Developability

    There are multiple factors currently limiting the discovery and approval of new medicines. The low-hanging fruit has already been picked, and regulatory constraints have tightened, requiring new drugs to show an increased level of efficacy and safety while also displaying significant differentiation from treatments already available.These factors have created an urgent need to get more ROI from R&D.

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  • Pain of drug discovery

    Need to choose the best true candidates

  • Big-data analysis

    Better data capture and analysis techniques allows for experimental data to be used in many bio applications such as patient selection and efficacy analysis. Molcure applies this increase in available data to antibody design, with the goal of more intelligently designing antibodies early in the drug development process.

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  • Key elements for success

    Continuous improvement of accuracy will be achieved by huge amount of antibody big-data


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